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Helen Atkocius—Managing the Bethesda Co-op by Stephanie Smart

Stephanie Smart has written a wonderful article in the March 2013 issue of the Cabin John VILLAGE NEWS about Helen Atkocius, the general manager of the Bethesda Co-op. MacArthur Plaza is very pleased to have a tenant as impressive as the Co-op — along with it's superb manager. Read the full article starting on page 3 of the March issue here.

Wild Tomato's wild Gazette review

"Wild Tomato is a neighborhood bistro with a fine dining pedigree." We are pleased that Wild Tomato has engendered such a loyal following in just a few weeks. The recent review in the Gazette helps explain why. Click here for full article.

CABIN JOHN in Post Where We Live section

A "sense of community remains Cabin John's most attractive feature," according to residents interviewed for a recent Washington Post article on Cabin John. To read the entire article, click here.

Wild Tomato is OPEN!

We are pleased to announce the opening for business of MacArthur Plaza's newest retail tenant, WILD TOMATO, the new family-friendly restaurant from Persimmon owner and chef Damian Salvatore.
As reported byCarole Sugarman in Table Talk for Bethesda Magazine:It’s unassuming and cozy (43 seats) with dark wood tables and chairs, a small bar, and great whimsical artwork on the yellow walls. The paintings, done by John Hallsted, a local artist/personal trainer and a friend the Salvatores', remind me of the illustrations in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with food in unexpected places. One called “Cabbage by the Shore,” shows four gigantic cabbages nestled in grass along a bank, with a lighthouse in the background. “Desert Dreams” depicts a bunch of hot air balloons rising in the desert sky; some of them are artichokes. They add “a little bit of levity,” says Damian Salvatore of the paintings, which are also for sale. That’s the atmosphere Wild Tomato is shooting for.

Read more: Wild Tomato is OPEN!

MacArthur Plaza advantages!

MacArthur Plaza specializes in small offices maximizing window space. Both heat and air conditioning are provided 24/7, regardless of the season, at no additional cost. Broadband internet is included in the base rent. Parking is free, as are all utilities except telephone.

MacArthur Plaza offers location! location! location! Located less than a mile inside the Capital Beltway, our Maryland visitors take Exit 41 (River Road), while from Virginia Exit 40 (Clara Barton Parkway) is more convenient. Many of our tenants maintain an impressive clientele because of our superior location. McLean, Great Falls, Potomac, western Bethesda, Rockville and Tysons are 10 minutes or less away.

MacArthur Plaza offers convenience! convenience! convenience! United State Post Office (Cabin John 20818), FedEx drop box, three restaurants, hair salon and spa, cleaners, and natural food store.
Finally, Mike Garrett and Bob Smith have owned MacArthur Plaza for over 20 years; maintain their offices here; and oversee the management personally. Our very capable, full-time, building manager is Ms. Liliana Patino.

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